Data Explosion

Most of today's data is unstructured, creating new challenges for managing Objects. Enterprises require Cloud orchestration solutions to effectively leverage the elastic compute and available resources in the Cloud.

Agile companies need open software solutions to monitor at a glance what, where and how valuable data is being deployed, analyzed, and managed across multiple Public Cloud, Private Cloud and On-premise environments.

Explosion of Unstructured Data Drives Cloud Adoption

Multi-Cloud is the New Norm

Most companies deploy a multi-cloud strategy. Companies want choice and flexibility
to achieve Cloud neutrality and avoid Cloud vendor lock-in.

Number of Cloud/Hosting Providers by Company Size

Hosting and cloud Study 2016
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DBM Cloud Systems Advantage

DBM delivers efficient management of your multi-Cloud environment through a single customizable portal enabling you to minimize the cost of managing your data in the Cloud.

Which Cloud provider is the best?


Respond to Ever Changing Cloud Pricing

The "best" Cloud provider depends on:
  • What SLA's are guaranteed
  • What compute resources you need
  • How often and how much data you need to pull back from the Cloud
  • Whether you require spot, reserved, or on-demand compute resources
  • Whether you have leverage to negotiate the best pricing from your Cloud of choice

Remember, Cloud pricing may change daily, so today's least expensive vendor may not be tomorrow's best option.

DBM Cloud Systems Advantage

DBM Cloud Systems delivers a flexible software platform that enables Cloud Hopping to save $100,000's of dollars – both in compute resources and data transfer egress charges.

Daily Decisions to Move Workloads
and Reduce Cloud Spend

Cloud spend is not static. There are daily fluctuations in pricing for storage, compute and data transfer bandwidth. Real time Cloud resource brokering enables companies to make frequent Cloud hosting decisions to realize the best pricing for Cloud services.

DBM Cloud Systems Advantage

DBM's open software platform delivers rules-base, selective bi-directional replication services and predictive cost analytics to significantly reduce global Cloud spend and deliver Cloud neutrality.

DBM Cloud Systems
Cloud Orchestration Software Delivers

  • CHOICE: Avoid Cloud vendor lock-in for better pricing, SLA's and compliance with policy or governmental regulations
  • AGILITY: Implement a robust multi-Cloud and hybrid-Cloud strategy. Rules-based selective bi-directional replication provides the agility to move unique workloads to multiple Clouds
  • POWERFUL CLOUD MANAGEMENT: Customizable single virtual view of entire Cloud data
  • HIGH ROI: Save $100,000's annually in elastic Cloud compute and data transfer charges which can be up to $.25/GB
  • DATA GEO-SOVEREIGNTY: Run AWS-compatible applications in a non-US Cloud provider in accordance with your internal policy or your country's legal requirements