DBM Cloud Systems
Use Cases

DBM Delivers Tremendous Cloud Savings & Addresses Important Use Cases

Immediate ROI

DBM Cloud Systems delivers $ Millions of annual savings in Cloud compute and data replication fees.

Content Aggregation and Distribution

In today's global business, creation of content from remote locations drives the need to frequently aggregate CHANGED DATA to insure version control across multiple Public or Private Clouds, as well as in on-premise datacenters. In existing object platforms, replication of changed data requires bulk replication of entire datasets.

DBM Cloud Systems Advantage

Users can selectively replicate data based on user-defined rules - such as only replicate changed data - which minimizes replication cost, improves data synchronization and enhances business processes.

Cloud Brokering

Cloud pricing related to storage, elastic compute and data egress (bandwidth) changes constantly as Cloud providers compete for market share. Unique workloads and the compute resources required will often result in different Cloud providers being the best option. Historically, moving workloads from Cloud to Cloud in order to realize cost savings was not feasible due to the cost of manually reconfiguring data to run in alternative Clouds. As a result, companies were locked-in, once their initial Cloud was selected.

DBM Cloud Systems Advantage

Companies that have traditionally used AWS S3, can now selectively move workloads to alternative Clouds without manual reconfiguration as DBM provides an AWS S3 Target in their Cloud of choice.

Active Archive

Archival of cold data to AWS Glacier or other long-term storage options typically renders that data difficult to use or analyze in a timely manner due to the time and cost to search, identify and retrieve historical data. Companies that need to analyze historical data want to adopt an active archive strategy.

DBM Cloud Systems Advantage

Companies now have the ability to selectively pull historical data for analysis in a timely manner from MULTIPLE Cloud providers due to our intelligent metadata management that tracks unstructured data across multiple Clouds, resulting in significant cost saving.

Data Geo-Sovereignty Required

Both public laws as well as corporate policies are increasingly focused on maintaining data geo-sovereignty – the requirement to retain consumer or other data within a country's border. Failure to comply with these laws exposes companies to severe financial penalties.

DBM Cloud Systems Advantage

Companies can define rules of replication based on object metadata to insure that data is only replicated to Clouds within a country's borders.

Big Data Analytics

With the explosion of unstructured data, successful companies want to utilize elastic Cloud compute and services to analyze changing data and make real-time business decisions to create competitive advantage and/or reduce operating costs.

DBM Cloud Systems Advantage

DBM selectively replicates data to numerous Clouds (one to many) without manual reconfiguration. As a result, users can access a wider number of services which may be unique to specific Cloud providers.